New Generation Learning NZ 2016

The Ministry of Education recently reported that about 90% of New Zealand’s educational institutions are now exploring the direct correlation between space and technology, and how each facilitates and supports the other.

This is in response to the radically evolving digital environment and the expectation that students – our future’s professionals – will need greater collaboration and agility with technology in order to succeed in the workforce of the future. It all starts with creating more innovative spaces that support blended learning that in turn improves learning outcomes and staff and student engagement through greater collaboration and improved digital literacy. Not only that, but progressive thinkers emphasise how face-to-face experiences must ‘augment’ the more pervasive digital ecosystems.

With this in mind, our New Generation Learning NZ Summit 2016 will focus on key considerations relevant to ensuring a pedagogically receptive and innovative campus for 21st Century learners. 

Key discussion areas will include:

  • Future-proofing spaces and furniture that support blended learning pedagogies

  • Respond to changing student expectations and digital environment by accelerating innovation of spaces and pedagogies

  • Explore revenue-raising opportunities in providing international student education on and off campus

  • Hear from forward-thinking schools internationally recognised for their highly innovative facilities that serve as a research and teaching platform for universities

  • Personalise learning – designing non-prescriptive curriculums to develop successful autonomous learners, and discover how space and technology can enhance and support their learning

  • Big data and predictive analytics to enable strategic design of courses, pedagogies and spaces, while improving student retention

  • Change management strategies and leadership capability programs to enable smooth transition from old to new learning practices

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Key discussion areas will include:

Leading in Uncertain Times

Addressing the barriers to success and accelerating innovation of spaces and pedagogies in this digital environment

Look Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Hearing from forward-thinking schools that serve as a research and teaching platform for other universities

Upskill Your Frontline into Leadership Positions

Exploring the opportunities regarding international students on and off campus

Towards Outcome Centric Measurement

Big data and predictive analytics to improve learning outcomes, student retention and assist in contingency-planning for long-term results

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